Wednesday, August 8, 2012

AWAKE 88: Activating the Churches in Ohio

The recent move to repeal Ohio’s marriage amendment and legalize same-sex marriage is a call to the churches to rise up and defend marriage as they did in 2004. Citizens for Community Values, Family Research Council and local pastors have established AWAKE 88, a coordinated effort to form cultural impact teams and activate the churches in all 88 Ohio counties.

Cultural impact teams are designed to:

•Strategically impact their community, culture, and country.

•Address and defend issues that threaten their families, faith and freedom

•Identify business leaders, para church ministries, and other churches within their county to establish methods of quick communication for a collective response to current issues.

These are not exclusive groups! They are growing, with people like you. Statewide success calls for
statewide participation. 

For More Info Go To Citizens For Community Values

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